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​Subclavian or Innominate Artery Endarterectomy

Although many areas of atherosclerosis can be treated with wires and stents, rarely a patient will require an endarterectomy or bypass of the innominate or subclavian arteries. The innominate artery is formed by the right common carotid and right subclavian artery. This vessel supplies blood to the right arm and brain. The left subclavian artery supplies blood to the left arm. Often, these vessels can be treated endovascularly using stents and wires. Occasionally, if the area of atherosclerosis is extensive, these areas can require an open endarterectomy or even bypass from the aorta itself. In most cases, the patient has had and ultrasound and other imaging prior to proceeding with this procedure. Your vascular surgeon will determine the best course of treatment given your specific anatomy and medical problems. Multiple surgical and endovascular options exist for any one problem. One particular treatment option might be an innominate endarterectomy.


An endarterectomy of any kind removes plaque from the inside of the artery to increase blood flow. In all cases the vessel of interest is dissected and surgical control is obtained prior to opening the arty. If the innominate artery is involved it will require opening the chest to visualize and obtain surgical control of the artery. Once the artery in question is dissected, the artery is opened and the plaque cleaned out. The artery is then closed with suture and the incision closed as well. Depending on a patient’s anatomy and extent of disease a bypass may be necessary if endarterectomy is not feasible. Your vascular surgeon will discuss this option if she or he feels it is appropriate.


The success of this procedure depends on a large number of factors, including the degree of narrowing, the tools being used, and the skill of the vascular surgeon. Patients who need an endarterectomy should look for the best vascular surgeon that has experience completing this procedure. Dr. Jenna Kazil is a superlative vascular surgeon in Manatee County, FL, who performs procedures at various Bradenton hospitals. Dr. Kazil has the experience necessary to perform successful endarterectomies. Patients searching for a distinctive vascular surgeon should contact Florida Surgical Clinic for their surgical and vascular needs.

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