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Mesenteric Aneurysm Repair Merits a Vascular Surgeon

Over the last several years there have been multiple advances in vascular surgery. One of these is the treatment of mesenteric aneurysms, which are treatable via both endovascular and open means. While the aneurysm itself may cause pain, it is often asymptomatic. Depending on the size and symptoms, an aneurysm may require treatment as if an aneurysm ruptures it can cause a person to quickly bleed to death.If the aneurysm is large, growing, or painful it will need to be treated. Also, splenic aneurysms in young women are or plan on becoming pregnant need to be treated as they have a higher risk of rupture.

A vascular surgeon will perform an aneurysm exclusion or open resection of a mesenteric aneurysm. The first step will be to better characterize the aneurysm and the blood vessels that surround it. Most commonly, patients have had another study such as computed tomography, which demonstrates the aneurysm. Occasionally, one is found on duplex ultrasound. Regardless, optimal visualization of the aneurysm needs to be demonstrated for operative planning. This is usually obtained with conventional or computed tomography angiography (CTA). Once the location of the aneurysm has been better characterized, the vascular surgeon will plan the approach of the aneurysm. Endovascular exclusion or coiling is ideal as it is minimally invasive and can be performed on patients with less than ideal health. This is done using a covered stent, coils or both techniques. If the aneurysm is suspected to be due to an infection or if aneurysm exclusion would result in loss of blood flow to major organs, an open repair is indicated. Your vascular surgeon will discuss the risks and benefits of each procedure and which is most ideal for your particular anatomy.

Treatment options and success of mesenteric aneurysm repair depend on a number of factors. Among these factors include the skill and experience of the surgeon, the available technology, and the location of the aneurysm. Dr. Jenna Kazil is an awesome vascular surgeon in Bradenton, FL, who is the medical director of Florida Surgical Clinic and practices at various hospitals throughout Florida. Dr. Kazil realizes that aneurysm resections are challenging procedures and has developed a long track record of successful cases. Anyone seeking an incredible vascular surgeon should contact Florida Surgical Clinic for their surgical and vascular needs.


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