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Open Aortic Endarterectomy

The field of modern medicine has made impressive advances over the past few years. However, common problems remain common. Obesity, hypertension, and diabetes continue to represent some of the most commonly encountered problems in a physician’s office. When these issues are combined with smoking, they can accelerate a disease called atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis represents a remodeling of blood vessel walls and plaque deposition, decreasing the diameter of the vessel lumen. This means that the vessels and organs on the other side of this obstruction receive less blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients. Most physicians will try to manage atherosclerosis initially using medications, dietary changes, smoking cessation, and exercise. Despite these measures, advanced disease causing tissue loss or increasing pain requires treatment from a vascular surgeon.

The largest blood vessel in the body is the aorta. This blood vessel stems directly from the heart and gives off all other abdominal vessels. While most atherosclerosis can be treated with endovascular intervention, severe atherosclerosis of the aorta involving the mesenteric vessels or severe localized disease is often best treated with an open aortic endarterectomy. The first step is diagnosis usually witha diagnostic ultrasound and most commonly followed by computed tomography. This will demonstrate a narrowing in the aorta and severe plaque involving the mesenteric vessels or severe localized disease. Treatment consists of opening the abdomen, locating the area of the aorta with plaque deposition, and endarterectomy of the diseased area. This is a complex, major operation requiring an ICU stay and often several weeks of recovery.

When it comes to the success rate of an open aortic endarterectomy, there are several criteria that impact the procedure. The skills of the surgeon, the circumstances surrounding the procedure, and the health of the patient all impact the success rate of the procedure. When patients are looking for a surgeon to perform this procedure, it is essential that they locate a paramount vascular surgeon. Dr. Jenna Kazil is a general and vascular surgeon who is a leading surgical specialist located in Bradenton, Florida. Dr. Kazil operates on patients from Pinellas, Hillsborough, Manatee and Sarasota counties at various hospitals on the West coast of Florida. For patients looking for a supreme vascular surgeon, Dr. Kazil has developed an impressive track record of happy and successful patients and procedures. Everyone should contact Dr. Kazil for all of their vascular and general surgery needs.

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