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Repair of Carotid Artery Aneurysms

Aneurysms can occur anywhere in the body. An aneurysm is a dilation of the vessel wall. This enlarges the artery and clot or debris can collect in the enlarged area. If this debris breaks loose it can cause a stroke. However, most patients with carotid artery aneurysms are asymptomatic. Although uncommon, carotid artery aneurysms are a serious medical condition that needs to be corrected. Most of these patients are found incidentally by an ultrasound or other imaging modality done for another cause.


The surgical procedure starts just like a carotid endarterectomy. The patient is first anesthetized. A small neck incision is created and the carotid vessels are carefully dissected. The aneurysm is located and excised. In its place a synthetic tube or vein is sewed to recreate the artery. The neck incision is then closed. Often a drain is placed. Like any surgical treatment, this procedure has serious risks such as bleeding, damage to surrounding structures, and stroke. However, correctly selecting the vascular surgeon to perform this procedure will maximize the patient’s chance for a desirable outcome.


The end result of intensive surgical cases such as the repair of carotid artery aneurysms depends on a variety of factors that lead to the final result. These factors include the location of the carotid artery aneurysm, the other medical conditions of the patient, the experience of the vascular surgeon performing the procedure, and the tools available to the surgeon and the assistants. When patients are searching for a vascular surgeon to perform the aneurysm repair, it is vital that the patient find a good vascular surgeon.


Dr. Jenna Kazil is a great Vascular surgeon who works at the Florida Surgical Clinic and operates out of numerous facilities on the West coast of Florida. Dr. Kazil has tremendous experience handling the toughest cases involving the repair of carotid artery aneurysms. Anyone looking for a magnificent vascular surgeon in Manatee County should trust Dr. Kazil to handle their vascular and surgical cases.

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