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Repair of Pseudoaneurysms

Vascular surgeons are often called upon to assist other interventionalists. Occasionally, during a procedure such as a cardiac catheterization, the artery can be damaged. Over the area where the vessel was punctured it may not seal properly and form a pseudoaneurysm or false aneurysm. A true aneurysm involves all three layers of the arterial wall that enlarge together. A pseudoaneurysm involves a persistent communication between the vessel and the surrounding tissue cavity. At a minimum pseudoaneurysms need to be followed and treated depending on their size and symptoms.

When people contact a talented vascular surgeon, the surgeon will likely discuss several different approaches to the repair of pseudoaneurysms. Understanding all of these options will help patients make an informed decision on their health care.

Thrombin Injection: The least invasive and often first line treatment is injection of the pseudoaneurysm with a medication that induces clotting. The medication induces clotting, which effectively closes off the communication between the artery and tissue cavity. Patients most suited to this treatment have specific pseudoaneurysm characteristics that your surgeon will discuss.

Covered Stent: In emergent situations where the psuedoaneurysm continues to expand the area of bleeding, it can be sealed with a covered stent. The vascular surgeon will place a wire in the artery across the area of concern and deploy the stent to cover the pseudoaneurysm. This prevents blood from flowing into the pseudoaneurysm and should prevent the aneurysm from enlarging.

Open Surgical Repair: For those patients with compromised skin or unresponsive to other treatment modalities open surgical repair remains the best option. The surgeon will place sutures in the broken arterial wall and remove the surrounding hematoma.

Some patients are better candidates for some repair modalities than others. The pros and cons of all of these options should be discussed with your surgeon.

When patients living on the West coast of Florida in Manatee, Sarasota, Hillsborough and Pinellas counties are looking to discuss these treatment options for pseudoaneurysm repair with a vascular surgical specialist, many people contact Dr. Jenna Kazil in Bradenton, FL. Dr. Kazil is skillful vascular surgeon who has dedicated her career to helping patients will medical conditions just like these. She takes care of every patient with the compassion and precision necessary to give patients the medical attention they deserve. Contact the Florida Surgical Clinic’s office today to schedule an appointment with our vascular surgical specialist.

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