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Subclavian Vein Angioplasty/Stent Placement

Most critically ill patients will require a central line placement at some point. Any line placement can irritate the vein and cause stenosis or narrowing. For patients who require dialysis the need for a dialysis catheter further irritates the vein, which can cause long term stenosis and dialysis access dysfunction. These patients oftenrequire subclavian vein angioplasty. If the vein is unresponsive they may also require stent placement to adequately treat the vein.


The first step of this procedure is cannulation of a vein in the arm. This is followed by placing a wire past the area of stenosis. Finally, the angioplasty is performed. An angioplasty involves inflating a balloon within the vessel to distend the wall of the artery or vein. This helps to restore blood flow to compromised areas. Sometimes, despite using multiple different types of balloons the area of stenosis does not resolve. This requires stent placement. The stent is a metal cage that is deployed in the narrowed vessel and remains in place permanently.


The outcome of this procedure varies based on the severity of these other conditions along with the technical abilities of the vascular surgeon performing the case and the quality of the ancillary staff helping to prep the equipment and obtain the images. For these reasons, it is essential that patients find an experienced vascular surgeon to perform a dual angioplasty/stent procedure. One such surgeon is Dr. Jenna Kazil. Dr. Kazil is an estimable vascular surgeon in Manatee County who assists patients with their vascular and surgical needs at the Florida Surgical Clinic in Bradenton, FL. Dr. Kazil has experience seeing the sickest patients and providing successful surgical care. Anyone looking for a first-class Bradenton vascular surgeon should contact Dr. Kazil at the Florida Surgical clinic today to schedule an appointment. Dr. Kazil provides precise surgical care with the compassionate touch necessary for successful, holistic patient care during their time of need.

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