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Treatment of Vasculitis

The majority of vascular disease is due to atherosclerosis secondary to genetics, poor diet, and tobacco use. However, there are several vascular maladies that often require surgery that have nothing to do with atherosclerosis. One of these is vasculitis. Vasculitis is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation of the vessels. There are multiple different kinds of vasculitis. Vasculitis can affect any vessel in the body from those that are very small to the large aorta. Each has its own profile with specific tissue markers, diagnosis criteria, and treatments. However, many people report fatigue, non specific pain, and rashes. Usually, an internist or rheumatologist helps with long term medical treatment. Vascular surgeons are asked aid in diagnosis and treatment by providing biopsy, angiography, bypass, and even amputation when necessary.

Ideal treatment of vasculitis starts with the appropriate diagnosis. It is important that patients understand that a team of doctors will provide the best possible treatment. Treatment options depend on the exact disease process. The first line of treatment often involves medication such as steroids and immunomodulators. These medications are necessary to stop the disease from progressing. Often they can even reverse the inflammation and improve symptoms. However, despite adequate treatment some patients still have symptoms and require the help of a vascular surgeon. For instance, patients with Takayasu’s are treated with medication. Although, if symptoms are severe and persist even once a patient has had adequate medical treatment they require an open bypass rather than endovascular treatment by current guidelines. Vascular surgeons remain a key part of the physician team necessary to diagnose and treat patients with vasculitis.

When it comes to the treatment of vasculitis, there are a variety of circumstances that will influence the outcome of this treatment process. This includes the location of the arteritis, the severity of the symptoms, and patient comorbidities. When patients are looking for treatment of vasculitis, it is crucial that they locate an estimable vascular surgeon to aid with this condition. For patients living on the West coast of Florida from Tampa to Sarasota looking for a vascular surgeon, contact Dr. Jenna Kazila surgical specialist withFlorida Surgical Clinic located in Bradenton, Florida. Dr. Kazil is a general andvascular surgeon in Bradenton who has taken care of numerous patients with a wide variety of conditions and given them the precise surgical care that they deserve. Everyone should contact Dr. Kazil at Florida Surgical Clinic for all of their vascular and surgical needs.


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