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Abdominal Cavity Masses and Cancer

With the extensive use of routine computed tomography (CT), patients often find themselves with a newly diagnosed abdominal mass after a CT scan performed for another reason. General surgeons are often asked to manage these findings.

Definition of an Abdominal Cavity Mass

An abdominal cavity mass is a growth of tissue, benign or cancerous, that otherwise would not be present in a healthy individual.

Anatomy of Abdominal Cavity Masses

With so many different tissues in the abdomen, there are a myriad of different abdominal cavity tumors that can develop. Examples of abdominal cavity masses include liver masses, pancreatic masses, splenic masses, intestinal masses, and even adrenal masses. All of these masses can be either benign or malignant and all present different problems for the patient depending on their type, location, and size.

Causes of Abdominal Cavity Masses

While some tumors develop due to mutated DNA, other growths can be the result of parasites or even trauma. Although imaging and patient history can often give clues to the reason a tumor formed, the etiology is less important than the imaging characteristics.

Symptoms of Abdominal Cavity Masses

For most patients with an incidental finding after computed tomography (CT), they have no symptoms. For other patients they may experience weight loss, a change in stool patterns, vomiting, or anemia. Some masses secrete hormones that can have different symptoms as well. The patient’s symptoms depend entirely on the size and characteristics of the tumor.

Diagnosis of Abdominal Cavity Masses

Not surprisingly, as the rate of computed tomography (CT) continues to increase, so does the diagnosis of abdominal cavity masses although physical exam can also be suggestive. A colonoscopy or esophagogastroduodenoscopy can be diagnosticand occasionally therapeutic if the mass can be resected with an endoscope. A biopsy is usually necessary to determine if the mass if benign or malignant and the type of tissue it contains.

Prevention of Abdominal Cavity Masses

Prevention of cancer and tumors is not always possible with certain genetic abnormalities. However, eating a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables as well as minimizing animal products is always recommended.

Am I At Risk For Abdominal Cavity Masses?

Patients with a family history of abdominal cancer or tumors are at risk.

Treatment of Abdominal Cavity Masses

Treatment will depend on the type of mass, its location, and symptoms. For most tumors a biopsy is necessary. This can be a percutaneous, laparoscopic, or open procedure depending on the size and type of mass. Further treatment may include chemotherapy, radiation, embolization, surgical resection, or some combination of the above. The treatment plan will be determined by the oncologist, surgeon, and patient.

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