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Mission Statement

Florida Surgical Clinic strives to provide the highest quality of care using evidence-based medicine and to exceed our patients’ expectations. Medicine is an art and so treatments may differ between patients as each patient has individual needs and medical goals.

“Above all, do no harm,” Hippocrates. The benefit of any procedure or treatment must always outweigh its risk.  To this end we use plain language whenever possible so our patients fully understand the procedure, risks, and benefits of our plan of care. We never leave a room until all the patient’s questions have been answered. We are always open to feedback from our patients and colleagues to consistently improve our practice. Our goal is to provide exceptional care to every patient, everyday.

Finally, we strive to be an integral part of the Manatee County and West coast of Florida communities. To this end we keep referring physicians and practitioners fully informed about the treatment of their patients. Members of the community, colleagues and employees are vital to the success of our continued commitment to our patients and will always be treated with respect and gratitude.