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Hemorrhoids are a common condition that can be a nuisance for patients.

Definition of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are enlarged anal tissues that can cause bleeding or be painful.

Anatomy of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoidal tissue is a normal part of human anatomy. This area can become swollen which can cause pain or bleeding. An internal hemorrhoid is painless and can cause bleeding after constipation or a large bowel movement. External hemorrhoids can be painful or cause perianal itching.

Causes of Hemorrhoids

Patients with increased venous pressure such as those with severe liver disease or pregnancy are at risk of forming hemorrhoids. Other causes include constipation, obesity, and a diet low in fiber.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

The symptoms of hemorrhoids can vary widely based on the type and location, but some of the symptoms include:


  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Presence of a skin tag
  • Itching


  • Lack of pain
  • Bright red blood during defecation

Diagnosis of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are easily diagnosed with a rectal exam. Some patients may benefit from anoscopy to adequately visualize internal hemorrhoids.

Prevention of Hemorrhoids

Patients should avoid constipation and avoid liver toxic drugs.

Am I At Risk for Hemorrhoids?

People with a family history of hemorrhoids are at risk for developing some themselves. People with constipation, diet that is low in fiber and patients who are pregnant may also be at risk.

Treatment of Hemorrhoids

Many people will try treatments such as sitz baths, avoiding constipation, and medication first. However, for those with severe disease unresponsive to conservative measures definitive treatment may be necessary. The surgeon will surgically remove the tissue and close the remaining defect. This should alleviate initial symptoms.

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Hemorrhoids is a serious and sensitive situation that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Hemorrhoids can cause serious pain and can have serious consequences which deserves the attention of an awesome general surgeon. Experienced surgeons like Dr. Jenna Kazil spend years training and treating hemorrhoids. Patients in need of a hemorrhoidectomy on Florida’s West Coast should locate a wonderful general surgeon who has the surgical skills necessary to perform this surgical operation for the benefit of their patients. Dr. J. Kazil is an incredible general surgeon who has developed an impressive track record of successful hemorrhoidectomy cases. Dr. Kazil understands the important circumstances that drive the treatment with the accuracy and compassion that everyone expects from a top general surgeon. Jenna Kazil, MD, FACS, RPVI is a fascinating surgical specialist working as a vascular and general surgeon seeing patients from South Sarasota to East Desoto and Hardee to North Hillsborough to West Manatee and Pinellas counties. Patients requiring a hemorrhoidectomy should contact Dr. Kazil at the Florida Surgical Clinic located in Bradenton, FL today to schedule an appointment with a unique experienced physician that possesses a unique blend of expert skills and compassionate care.

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