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When the body develops from its embryological form the tissues that form the gut must rotate to form the proper position of the intestinal tract. If it doesn’t rotate fully, this is called a malrotation and could lead to a volvulus.

Definition of a Volvulus

A volvulus is a twisting of the small or large intestine. This has the potential to lead to a bowel obstruction and dead bowel.

Anatomy of a Volvulus

A volvulus is far more common in children than adults and develops due to malrotation of the gut. When the gut is forming, the gut needs to rotate 75 percent around itself to properly form. If it doesn’t rotate, this is called malrotation. This malrotation causes the gut to twist on itself and leads to an obstruction. Although this congenital issue is more common in children, adults can develop an acquired volvulus, especially of the colon. In adults, this is a medical emergency.

Causes of a Volvulus

The most common cause of a volvulus is malrotation. The other secondary causes that lead to a volvulus in adults include redundant tissue, severe constipation that stretches the gut, and tumors.

Symptoms of a Volvulus

The symptoms of a volvulus usually start with pain. Adults will often notice abdominal distension with an inability to pass gas or stool.

Diagnosis of a Volvulus

The diagnosis always starts with a history and physical exam. If a volvulus is suspected, the physician will order an abdominal x-ray. Barium enemas were often used to help with this diagnosis. However, due to availability and ease, computed tomography tends to be the imaging of choice.

Prevention of a Volvulus

In adults, eating a healthy diet and preventing constipation can lessen the chances of a secondary volvulus developing from constipation.

Am I At Risk for a Volvulus?

Children with malrotation are at risk for developing a volvulus. Patients with severe, longstanding constipation are also at risk.

Treatment of a Volvulus

A volvulus is a serious condition that requires surgical intervention. In adults, this usually results in a partial colon resection or occasionally a small bowel resection.

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Volvulus is a serious and sensitive situation that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Volvulus can cause serious pain and can have serious consequences which deserves the attention of an expert general surgeon. Excellent surgeons like Dr. Jenna Kazil spend years training and treating volvulus. Patients in need of a colon resection or small bowel resection for volvulus on Florida’s West Coast should locate a great general surgeon who has the surgical skills necessary to perform these serious surgical operations for the benefit of their patients. Dr. J. Kazil is a phenomenal general surgeon who has developed an impressive track record of successful colon resections and small bowel resections for volvulus. Dr. Kazil understands the important circumstances that drive the treatment with the accuracy and compassion that everyone expects from a consummate general surgeon. Jenna Kazil, MD, FACS, RPVI is a superlative surgical specialist working as a vascular and general surgeon seeing patients from South Sarasota to East Desoto and Hardee to North Hillsborough to West Manatee and Pinellas counties. Patients requiring a colon resection or small bowel resection for volvulus should contact Dr. Kazil at the Florida Surgical Clinic located in Bradenton, FL today to schedule an appointment with a unique experienced doctor that possesses an exceptional blend of expert skills and compassionate care.

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