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Excision of intra-abdominal Masses

Surgeons are often called upon to diagnose and treat masses throughout the abdomen. These can include anything from a peritoneal mass to a splenic mass or colon cancer. These masses can be benign or cancerous. Benign masses do not have the ability to spread throughout the body. Malignant or cancerous masses can invade local tissues and spread to distant sites such as the liver or lungs. The first step is to determine the appropriate diagnostic tests and treatment. This process varies tremendously depending on the suspected type of mass. However, no matter what the suspected process, the initial procedure is always a history and physical exam. This is usually followed by laboratory studies and imaging. Depending on the imaging study patients may proceed with a biopsy.


Blood tests establish the overall health of the patient as well as potential cancer markers. Laboratory findings may help determine prognosis and ideal treatment options. The imaging tests will demonstrate the boundaries of the lesion and potentially prognosis. Alternatively, those masses deemed resectable can be totally removed. Often pathologists will assist the surgeon to ensure the mass has been completely removed. If the mass is cancerous or already spread to other parts of the body medical management with chemotherapy or radiation may be the best option. All patients with cancer benefit from a multidisciplinary treatment team. The team usually consists of surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, and pathologists. The team will come up with consensus on how to best treat the patient.

The recovery process will change based on the location, size, and complications that are associated with the procedure. When patients require an excision of an intra-abdominal mass, it is important to find a surgeon who adequately understands the variety of masses that can develop. Dr. Jenna Kazil is a superior double board-certified vascular and general surgeon in Bradenton who operates at various hospitals and a surgery center. Dr. Kazil is a Bradenton based multi-discipline proficient surgical specialist who operates on vascular surgery and general surgery patients living on Florida’s West coast from Sarasota to Wesley Chapel. Meet with Dr. Kazil, a high-caliber best research paper writing service surgeon with the experience necessary to perform these procedures by calling Florida Surgical Clinic’s office today to schedule an appointment.