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Liver biopsy

General surgeons are often called upon to aid other physicians in a diagnosis. Numerous diseases can affect the liver. Sometimes, despite radiologic and laboratory studies, the diagnosis remains unknown. A liver biopsy is used to diagnose liver masses as well as hepatitis, and autoimmune diseases. Many of these processes have overlapping symptoms that can only be distinguished using a liver biopsy. The procedure itself is relatively straightforward.

The procedure can be performed laparoscopically or open. In addition, the surgeon can take a small core of an area with a needle or cut out a larger wedge of tissue. A core needle biopsy uses a large bore needle to take a small sample of tissue. The needle is injected into the liver and withdrawn along with the tissue. For a wedge biopsy, the surgeon will cut off a small piece of tissue from the liver. The liver biopsy sample is sent to a pathologist. The pathologist will analyze the tissue to determine the diagnosis.

If the only procedure a patient undergoes is a laparoscopic liver biopsy, they are often discharged the same day as the procedure. If the patient has another procedure simultaneously, the recovery will likely be based on the nature of the secondary procedure. Those patients only undergoing a laparoscopic biopsy are often able to resume their daily activities within several days.

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