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Ostomy Creation and Reversal

An ostomy refers to creating an opening in an organ and connecting it to the skin. For example, a colostomy connects the colon with skin. A patient’s stool is then diverted from the rectum to the plastic bag surrounding the colostomy site. A urostomy is used to divert urine from the ureter to the skin for disposal. Patients require ostomies for some types of traumatic bowel injuries. Patients may also require an ostomy during surgery because their bowel is too diseased for reconstruction. Some ostomies can be reversed. For other patients due to anatomic issues or poor overall patient health, an ostomy can be permanent.

A colostomy is usually performed in conjunction with another procedure such as a colon resection. After the initial resection, the proximal end of the colon is tunneled through the abdominal wall and sutured to the skin. Aplastic bag is attached to the ostomy site to collect stool.To reverse the ostomy the surgeon removes the ostomy from the skin and reattaches it to the remaining bowel. Depending on the location of the bowel resection and anastomosis (area of reconnection) a loop ostomy of the small bowel may be necessary to allow adequate healing of a colonic repair. This small bowel ostomy is easily reversed once the colonic repair has healed, usually without having to re-enter into the abdomen. Your surgeon will discuss surgical options and the most appropriate treatment depending on the circumstances of the initial procedure and specific patient risk factors.

When patients need an ostomy creation and reversal, it is vital that they locate a board-certified general surgeon. This surgeon has had to pass a challenging set of written and oral board exams to earn this certification after completing a challenging residency program. Dr. Jenna Kazil is a leading surgical specialist serving the Bradenton, Manatee county, Florida area and surrounding communities such as Desoto, Hardee, Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Sarasota counties. Dr. Kazil is a fantastic double board-certified general and vascular surgeon who meets with patients at the Florida Surgical Clinic in Bradenton, FL. Over the years, Dr. Kazil has performed numerous ostomies and has the compassion and skill to provide a successful outcome for every case. People living from North Port to Riverview looking for an awe-inspiring general or vascular surgeon should contact Dr. Kazil today to schedule an appointment.