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Partial or total Thyroidectomy

A partial or total thyroidectomy removes thyroid tissue. The thyroid is a gland located in the anterior center of the neck. The thyroid gland has many functions and produces hormones that act throughout the body helping to regulate metabolism, heart rate, and body temperature. There are many reasons a patient may need part or all their thyroid removed. Some indications include thyroid cancer, masses of undetermined etiology, goiters, or hyperthyroidism that is poorly responsive to medication. All of these processes are perfectly valid reasons to visit a general surgeon for a partial or total thyroidectomy.

The procedure takes place within an operating room, usually within a hospital. The patient is put to sleep and the anterior aspect of the skin is cleaned. The skin and overlying muscles are divided and retracted. At this point, important nerves are located and protected. Then, arteries and nerves are divided. It is important to adequately ligate vessels to prevent bleeding. Finally, the thyroid tissue itself is elevated from the field and removed. The tissues and skin are then closed and the patient is woken from anesthesia.

Most patients stay overnight in the hospital and are discharged the following day. Patients are able to drive once they are no longer taking pain medication and can turn their necks without discomfort. Most patients have very few residual effects. However, a patient’s ability to speak and swallow can be affected, often only temporarily. Depending on the amount of thyroid tissue removed and lab results, patients may need to take medication to replace the hormones produced by the extracted tissue. Also, pathology results dictate which patient may require monitoring with imaging or laboratory studies.

When patients require a thyroidectomy, they should seek a qualified general surgeon in Bradenton that understands the safety issues surrounding a thyroid removal. When patients are looking for a physician to perform a thyroidectomy procedure, it is essential that they contact a board-certified general surgeon. This surgeon has completed a general surgery residency and passed their challenging board exams. Dr. Jenna Kazil is a compassionate double board-certified general and vascular surgeon who prioritizes patient’s safety and needs and has performed many of these procedures and has developed the reputation as a leading Bradenton general surgeon that the people trust. The Florida Surgical Clinic and its general surgeon surgical specialist serves the West coast of Florida population mainly in Manatee, Sarasota, Hillsborough and Pinellas counties. Contact Dr. Kazil today to schedule an appointment.