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Removal of lipomas or other masses throughout the body

One common reason patients visit physicians is the appearance of a new mass or growth. Masses can form anywhere in the body. However, they tend to be more visible when present in the skin or subcutaneous tissues. The cause and overall prognosis of these masses varies tremendously depending on the diagnosis and extent of disease. A good general surgeon not only removes the offending tissue but also understands the long-term treatment.

A non-cancerous or benign mass does not spread to other parts of the body. A cancerous or malignant mass has the ability to spread to distant areas. However, benign masses can still cause problems. Even benign masses may mandate removal simply for aesthetic reasons or because they are compromising the surrounding tissue. Your surgical specialist will be able to make an educated guess as to the pathology of the mass based on location, size, growth pattern, and physical exam findings. However, ultimately the diagnosis depends on pathology.

Those results that are positive for malignant disease may require further surgery, imaging studies, lab work, extended follow-up, chemotherapy or radiation. Treatment depends on diagnosis and extent of disease. Cancerous masses can spread to other areas of the body or invade other tissues. Therefore, cancer is best treated if caught early. Cancer is easier to remove surgically if it is located in a single location. Cancer takes a variety of forms that are best treated by a team of physicians including a surgeon.

When people need surgery to remove benign or cancerous masses throughout the body, they should contact the Florida Surgical Clinic in Bradenton, FL. When patients are looking for a surgical specialist to perform this general surgery procedure, it is essential that they contact a board-certified general surgeon. A board-certified general surgeon has completed a general surgery residency and passed their challenging their board exams. Florida Surgical Clinic and its talented surgical specialist serves the West coast of Florida population mainly in Manatee, Sarasota, Hillsborough and Pinellas counties.Dr. Kazil is an exemplary double board-certified general and vascular surgeon in Bradenton who has an impressive degree of experience with general and vascular surgery needs.