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A splenectomy is removal of the spleen. There are numerous indications for a splenectomy. One of the most common reasons is a traumatic injury causing bleeding. The trauma surgeon is often able to mitigate blood loss with adequate resuscitation. However, if the patient becomes unstable and continues to bleed there is a need for intervention. The first step is usually splenic coiling of the bleeding segment. This preserves splenic function but stops the bleeding. If the bleeding is severe, patients may require an open splenectomy. In this procedure the artery and vein are dissected and ligated. The ligamentous attachments of the spleen are divided and the spleen removed. The same procedure can be completed laparoscopically in elective cases.

For elective cases where the spleen is exceedingly large, a vascular surgeon can coil the splenic artery to decrease the size and friability of the spleen, which makes it easier to resect and increases the chance of performing the procedure laparoscopically. The coiling procedure requires only local anesthesia and patients are often discharged home the same day or the following day. There is essentially minimal recovery period. Over several weeks the decrease in blood flow due to the coils will help shrink the size of the spleen. Resection can then be performed electively.

If the spleen is removed patients will require vaccinations either at the first follow-up appointment or prior to discharge. Without a spleen, patients are less able to fight off certain bacteria. These bacteria have a specialized cell structure that makes it hard for the body to fight the infection without the use of a spleen. Vaccinations are required to prevent a future, life threatening infection.

The spleen is a highly vascular organ that requires skill and care to remove safely. At the Florida Surgical Clinic located in Bradenton, Manatee County, FL, a profound double board-certified general and vascular surgeon will evaluate your need for surgery and discuss treatment options. Choose an impressive general surgeon with experience performing splenectomies. Dr. Kazil is an extraordinary surgical specialist who is also a vascular surgeon that carefully isolates necessary structures to minimize the chances for complication during a surgical procedure. Any patients living on the West coast of Florida in Hillsborough, Manatee, or Sarasota counties requiring a splenectomy should contact the Florida Surgical Clinic to schedule an appointment.