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Leg Pain?

Why do patients get leg pain?

Leg pain is a very common complaint among patients. The reasons behind it can be almost innumerable. Some patients have leg pain from overuse after exercise. Other patients have neuropathy from diabetes or other medical problems causing their pain and numbness. Other patients have pain or discomfort after a trauma or surgery. Finally, some people have chronic leg pain due to poor blood flow to their legs.


How do patients know the cause of their leg pain?

Patients with leg pain need to talk to their physician to determine the cause of the pain or numbness. Often the cause can be determined from the patient’s history and physical exam. Sometimes testing needs to be performed. At Florida Surgical Clinic we can measure blood flow with several non-invasive tests.

How is leg pain treated?

Once the reason behind the leg pain is determined, your physician can determine the best treatment. If there is no concern about poor blood flow many patients will find improvement with medications or physical therapy depending on the cause. At Florida Surgical Clinic we treat poor blood flow in several ways. Some patients are able to have a significant resolution of their symptoms using wires and catheters endovascularly. Sometimes a patient’s blockage is not amenable to minimally invasive treatment and may require a bypass. A vascular surgeon, such as Dr. Kazil, can provide both types of interventions and understands the pros and cons of each as well as which patients are appropriate for a particular procedure.

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