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Medication Compliance

The importance of patient medication compliance!

Physicians prescribe medications to treat and prevent medical conditions. While you may receive medications from several different physicians, it is important that every physician know exactly which medications in what doses and supplements you are taking to prevent medical interactions and overdoses.

Do I really need to take my medications?

There are several medications vascular surgeons use that may not cause a patient to feel better or worse in any way. Sometimes patients feel that these medications are expensive or unnecessary. If this particular medication is an anticoagulant or antiplatelet which helps to thin the blood, this can have disastrous consequences from heart attacks to bypass occlusions. Prior to stopping any medications all patients should talk to the prescribing physician to determine the safest way to stop and restart a medication.

What if I can’t afford my medications?

At Florida Surgical Clinic we try to prescribe medications that are not only efficacious but also cost effective. There are numerous insurance plans and each plan has different rules for which medications are covered and how much of a copay is expected. Sometimes these copays are more than what a patient can afford. If this is the case you should call the prescribing physician immediately to determine if another medication or generic brand can be substituted that is less expensive. Sometimes, there are drug companies programs where medications will be subsidized to decrease the cost. Your physician may be able to help arrange contact with these programs.

What if I lose my prescription?

If you lose your prescription you should call the office immediately. At this point, most prescriptions are sent electronically so this is no longer an issue. However, at times, this is not the case. If this medication is a prescription for pain medication, the prescription will be checked to ensure that no one else has filled it and then represcribed. If you suspect your prescription has been stolen you should contact your physician immediately so it can be cancelled or tracked if filled.

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