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Welcome to Florida Surgical Clinic! We specialize in vascular and general surgery. We strive to combine modern, evidence-based medicine with patient-centered care. What does that mean exactly? Often in medicine, there are multiple ways of getting the same result. Sometimes this can be as simple as performing a procedure open versus laparoscopically. Laparoscopic procedures offer a decreased recovery time with smaller incisions. However, there are still times when an open procedure is safer.

Building a patient-physician relationship is paramount to the best surgical care. With excellent communication, a physician can educate patients. With this education on surgical and nonoperative options for each procedure, patients can make decisions based on their particular view point. In the previous example, some patients may value a shorter recovery time with a small decrease in the safety of the procedure. For another patient, the ability to perform the procedure using regional anesthesia may be more important than the size of the incision or recovery time.

Vascular surgery is a complex field of surgery. There are many different ways to perform a procedure. There are also multiple options prior to performing an amputation for critical limb ischemia. However, how many attempts at revascularization and the methods used are an essential topic of conversation for the patient and physician. The patient may not want an extended recovery period with limited mobility. Another patient may desire to keep his or her limb, even if it is so infected and may cause death. These are crucial conversations that must be discussed prior to treatment. This is the very essence of Florida Surgical Clinic that is dedicated to caring for patients while understanding their personal values.

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