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Where was my surgeon during Hurricane Irma?

You need to ask, “Where was my surgeon during Hurricane Irma?”

FSC’s own Vascular and General surgeon, Dr. Jenna Kazil, was supporting the community working around the clock throughout the hurricane at Blake Medical Center. Procedures were performed and lives were saved.

On Friday, 8th Sept, FSC staff prepped for Hurricane Irma. (Thank you Robert!)

On Saturday, FSC operations moved to the 5th floor of Blake Medical Center.

From Saturday-Monday FSC was coordinating with Emergency Medicine doctors, Nephrologists, Cardiologists, Trauma Surgery, Plastic Surgery, and other hospitals to ensure FSC patients received top quality care in the face of the hurricane.

Monday morning FSC operations were moved from Blake Medical Center back to the FSC clinic on Manatee Ave. With the help of FSC employees with clean up and reestablishing communications, FSC clinic was 100% functional by Tuesday morning 8am to see patients.

So where was your surgeon during Hurricane Irma? Did they stay or did they leave? Were they accessible by phone? Did you know how to contact your surgeon if you had a problem?

These are some of the questions you need to ask when choosing a surgeon.

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