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Carotid Stenting

One of the more common arteries impacted by atherosclerotic disease is the carotid artery. This artery provides blood to the brain. Most people are asymptomatic of any partial blockage. However, if the artery becomes completely occluded or if parts of the plaque break off many patients will suffer from strokes. Initial diagnosis consists of a carotid ultrasound. Once the percentage of stenosis is determined to be severe this can be fixed using a stent or open surgery. Most patients requiring surgical treatment will have a carotid endarterectomy. However, some patients are too sick to undergo an open surgical procedure. These patients benefit from carotid stenting. The stent is a metal cage inserted into the vessel to prop open the carotid artery.

One way to place a stent involves placing a wire in the artery in the groin and manipulating a wire and catheter to the artery in the neck. A small net is placed just after the area of stenosis to catch any debris that may result from the stent placement. The stent is deployed and then the net removed. In the United States today most carotid stents are placed in this fashion.

Another, newer method is also available for treatment of carotid stenting. This method is currently being tested in the ROADSTER II trial. Dr. Jenna Kazil participated in this trial during her vascular training. This treatment option bypasses all arteries in the abdomen and chest with small cut in the neck, which allows the surgeon to treat the area of stenosis more directly. This treatment option is currently limited to those patients participating in clinical trial. However, once the treatment device is released for public use Dr. Jenna Kazil will be offering this cutting edge procedure to her patients.

Carotid stenting is a complex technique requiring advanced surgical skills. It is important for these cases to be handled by a fellowship trained vascular surgeon. This represents the completion of advanced training in surgical procedures related to blood vessels.

Dr. Jenna Kazil is an admirable vascular surgeon and general surgeon in Bradenton, FL who sees patients at the Florida Surgical Clinic and local area hospitals. Dr. Kazil is a distinguished double board-certified Bradenton vascular surgeon with a long history of successful cases involving carotid artery stenting. Anyone looking for an exceptional vascular surgeon in Bradenton should contact Dr. Kazil to handle all vascular and surgical needs.

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