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Most patients suffer from chronic wounds. While a variety of physicians will treat wounds, they will not heal without proper blood flow.

Definition of Wounds

A wound is any opening in the body that shouldn’t normally be there. Wounds can vary in size, depth, severity, and underlying cause.

Anatomy of Wounds

Wounds can occur anywhere in the body. The wounds can be very superficial or extend to the soft tissue, muscle or even bone.

Causes of Wounds

There are numerous causes for wounds. Some people may have a previous trauma or fall. Other people may have poor arterial supply leading to tissue necrosis and death. Still others may have wounds as a consequence of previous surgery or venous disease. They type of wound and its cause will determine its treatment.

Symptoms of Wounds

Patients may notice redness around the wound, purulence, drainage, or pain at the wound site. Patients with infected wounds may also have a fever or develop signs of sepsis such as a high heart rate, elevated white blood cell count (WBC) or decreased blood pressure.

Diagnosis of Wounds

The diagnosis is made based on the clinical presentation. The physician will typically examine the size and depth of the wound to try and determine its cause.

Prevention of Wounds

Patients who have limited mobility should try to move as much as possible throughout the day to avoid extended pressure on any one part of the body. Patients who are diabetic should check their feet daily for wounds and wear socks or protective shoes at all times.

Am I At Risk?

Patients who have poor blood supply, venous disease, diabetes, or a history of previous poorly healing wounds are all at risk.

Treatment of Wounds

Initial treatment is with local medications and dressings. The physician will also make sure there is adequate blood flow. Venous wounds usually require a compression dressing. Finally, some wounds will require a skin graft or a flap of tissue to be placed for adequate healing.

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