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Being a Compliant Patient

  When patients come to Florida Surgical Clinic they usually have a specific problem. In order to figure out how to fix that problem, we need to learn about our patient. As physicians, we have the unique privilege of learning everything about a patient. There are many aspects of a patient’s life that may not…

Venous Disease

What are the symptoms of venous disease? Patients complain of heaviness at the end of the day. They may also have ulcerations, often on the inner calf right above the ankle. Many people have visible, rope-like, varicose veins. Other people have smaller, reddish or bluish veins that may or may not be sore at the…

Stroke Awareness

May is stroke awareness month. Each year almost 800,000 people have a stroke. Seventy five percent of strokes are first time strokes. This is one stroke every four seconds. More than fifteen percent of these strokes result in patient deaths. These numbers are alarming. Stroke is the leading preventable cause of disability according to the…

Limb Loss Awareness

April is limb loss awareness month.  More than 180,000 people will have an amputation this year. That means more than 500 people per day will undergo an amputation. Vascular surgeons, wound care specialists, plastic surgeons, podiatrists, and primary care physicians all provide valuable services to the wound care team to prevent limb loss. However, there…

IVC Filter

  Many people are afraid of IVC filters due to their recent bad press. Like most medical interventions, there is a time and place for these procedures and if done for the right reasons and safely, they can have minimal side effects and complications.   What is an IVC filter? An IVC (inferior vena cava)…

Carotid Artery Disease

What is carotid artery disease? Disease of the carotid arteries involves the build up of plaque (atherosclerosis) in the arteries that provide blood to the brain. This plaque is similar to what can occur in the heart and other arteries. This usually occurs over the course of many years as the result of medical problems,…

Post Operative Care

Most patients after surgery or a procedure are very concerned about recovery. It is important to follow your physician’s recommendations to ensure an expedient return to normal activities. This advice is meant as a generality and your particular physician or case may require different care so always check with your physician first.   Laparoscopic Procedures…

We Care Manatee

From the desk of Dr. Jenna Kazil, Vascular and General Surgeon:   While in high school I decided to become a physician. I didn’t think about how I would fund my education or how I would earn a living. My primary concern was to learn how to care for patients in any surgical situation. I…

Practice Posts/Patient Newsletter

Welcome to Florida Surgical Clinic! We specialize in vascular and general surgery. We strive to combine modern, evidence-based medicine with patient-centered care. What does that mean exactly? Often in medicine, there are multiple ways of getting the same result. Sometimes this can be as simple as performing a procedure open versus laparoscopically. Laparoscopic procedures offer…

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